Knowing what type of content to create and where to distribute it requires strategic insight and planning. We help you determine your content needs and maximize your budget and distribution platforms. As we live in an increasingly distracted world, the emphasis of imagery, design and concise text in communicating your brand has never been more important. 

Our services include:

- content strategy

- creative direction

- visual communications planning

- pre- + post-production

- photography

- writing

- editing

- design


Creating an e-book, e-zine or alternative digitally published piece is a great way to disseminate your story and share it easily with a wide global audience. We create, curate and position imagery and text into the desired format and ensure its compatibility across software and devices.



At Gilliard Moshe, we believe that printing is an art in itself. We pride ourselves in the ability to yield the highest quality products that honor the integrity of the project and bring it to life in a way that only physical printed pieces can. Whether a book, monograph or magazine, we produce the highest value materials at the best price point.

Merging images and storytelling into a strategic social media and web format is the natural next step. We leverage the newly created imagery and text to maximize your number of views and impressions around the world in way that clearly communicates and uplevels your brand.

Our services include:

- social media content creation

- social media management

- web design + optimization

- progressive web app creation


We collaborate strategically with our partners at 10 to 1 Public Relations to leverage assets across local, national and international media to ensure our content receives the most placements possible.